Boudoir Pricing Info

You honestly can’t put a price on the way you are going to feel during your session. But since I have to, here it is…

This is to remind you that you are a beautiful, strong badass who is deserving of treating yourself to a session that not only is going to result in great photos,

but leave you walking away feeling on top of the world and as fierce as Beyonce in her Lemonade album.

Every body and everybody deserves self-love. Step out and show yourself that love.

Boudoir Sessions start at $597

(All digitals included)

  • 2 hour session

  • Unlimited Outfits

  • Over 60 High-Res Digital images

  • Digital Download with Print Release with digital collection purchase

  • Hair and Makeup available for additional fee

  • Studio Location Available (New studio coming in March!)

NEW PRICING COMING SOON! New prices will include a session fee and packages that will include your print and digital images

The BADASS Black Book

because this book is badass

ALBUMS START AT $597 AND GO UP TO $997 (13% tax)
(Average babe spends $1300 on session and album collection)

These fine art, leather bound albums are the absolute shit. Saying these are top quality is even an understatement. These are the types of albums that are going to last for decades. The albums that maybe one day you’ll pass down to your grandchildren as you teach them about self-love. The book you keep hidden in your closet and pull out and look over when you’re feeling less than great about your self. The book for your partner to keep and remind them that you love them. The constant, little but big, actually smells like real damn leather reminder, that you are loved, you are love and you have a bomb ass body worth loving.

The book that’s big enough to make a statement on your coffee table and small enough to tuck away and keep private for only selective eyes. The sexiest of glossy pages paired with the best quality photo printing. It’s sure to make anyone who holds this album say aloud and to them-self, “Daaaaayyuummmm!”

Hold on…

I have questions


Alright, I have no more questions Kendra.

Let’s friggin do this!