This is a place for the bodies

A place where any man or women can be themselves and find love and appreciation for their body again.
A place where re-touching does not exist.
A place where we strip down and showing a lot of skin is always encouraged.
A place where self-love is fostered and empowerment is felt.
A place where confidence lives and fear of flaws die.
A place where you are encouraged to be you above everything else.


I’m Kendra K

traveling Boudoir photographer

If I am passionate about anything, it’s being the one responsible for taking such intimate photos of beautiful humans. I say this with all the confidence I have within me. It’s my thing. It fires me up like no other. Not just to photograph, but to do in general and I’m crazy lucky that I get to call this my job and I take photographing you and representing you through photos very seriously.

You will walk in to your session and instantly feel at ease because I am always so excited for every single session and every new human and body I get to photograph because like I said, this is my thing. My excitement cannot be contained. You’ll realize when you are half naked or fully nude in the woods or all sexied up on the beach or stripped down in the studio, that you have zero worries in the world. You are there, you feel amazing, your confidence is shining through and above all, you are having so much fun.

I care about giving you incredible photos, but my main priority is how you feel during your session. It’s about photos, but it’s also about self-love.

Yeah… that’s me.

Photos done by the incomparable Alejandra Maria

Featured Boudoir

Quarantined Roommates in Seattle

Quarantined Roommates in Seattle

Quarantined Roommates? Hell effin yes. My light was reignited from this session after being on a major hiatus due to Covid. I wanted to shoot immediately, knew I had to do it in a safe way, and with people who were down and felt comfortable enough. So I thought of...

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Mark F // Bellingham WA

Mark F // Bellingham WA

I've never planned sessions this far out, but summer will look like six feet of  separation and outdoor sessions! What I love the absolute most about outdoor body sessions is that a. I get to photograph a badass human, which is my favorite and b. I also get to...

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Almida & John in Seattle WA

Almida & John in Seattle WA

I have never missed being that creepy third wheel more than I have now. We are, lord knows how many days now in quarantine and I have been itching to photograph some people in love, or anyone for that matter! I hope everyone is safe and healthy where they are in their...

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