“During the session I didn’t feel nearly as uncomfortable as I anticipated I would. From the moment I dumped my underwear on to your floor to the moment I walked out I felt safe. You made me feel so good about myself with every comment. They ring in my ears daily, “Damn Gabby, you gotta butt!” “Hell yeah, I love this!” “Your tattoos look amazing!” I believed you. You made me laugh, as you always do, and you made me feel equal parts beautiful and handsome. I have never been so proud of this body as I am today, enjoying what you have created. I don’t feel lanky, or skinny, or awkward, or ashamed of what I came in. I feel extremely proud. The photos are beautiful. I am beautiful. Everyone deserves to look at themselves through your eyes. Thank you for giving me the most precious gift.” –Gabby Impossible Boudoir Project

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