Self  Empower-ment Event

Cacao and Boudoir 2023


Lake Whatcom, exact location will be sent at booking!


November 11th, 2023


If I am passionate about anything, it’s being the one responsible for taking such intimate photos of beautiful humans. I say this with all the confidence I have within me. It’s my thing. It fires me up like no other. Not just to photograph, but to do in general and I’m crazy lucky that I get to call this my job and I take photographing you and representing you through photos very seriously.  You will walk in to your session and instantly feel at ease because I am always so excited for every single session and every new human and body I get to photograph because like I said, this is my thing. My excitement cannot be contained. You’ll realize when you are half naked or fully nude in the woods or all sexied up on the beach or stripped down in the studio, that you have zero worries in the world. You are there, you feel amazing, your confidence is shining through and above all, you are having so much fun. I care about giving you incredible photos, but my main priority is how you feel during your session. It’s about photos, but it’s also about self-love.

This is the perfect opportunity to work with me at a lower budget and get a mini session if you have been on the fence with a full session, or finically on the fence, now is your time! These happen once every year, so now is the time to celebrate YOU!


Cacao has been used as sacred plant medicine for thousands of years. Cacao is known for its support in opening the heart, and feeling deeper connection to ourselves and the world around us. Join Kyshandra on a journey of tapping into our stores of deep connection to our confidence, self worth, and infinite self love to help create a mindful experience in nature and gently unleash our divine goddes/god within. Kyshandra serves cacao ceremony, as well as teaches yoga and meditation and sound bath And practices massage therapy throughout Washington State. Her current main practice is in Eastern Washington, where cacao ceremony is a little bit trickier to come across. She believes that cacao is a gentle medicine that brings us to the door of deeper understanding and a more accepting, loving world-if we are ready to step through. This medicine of the heart is exactly what is needed right now and she practices with it often.


you will get:

30 Minute Cacao session with Kyshandra, right before your boudoir session with me!

A mini session with Kendra K, 2 outfits, quick 5 minutes of nudes at the end- if desired. Options for albums/prints at a discounted rate avalible too!

Sparkling Water, music, plus snacks and a damn good time, connection to mother nature and a possible cold plunge at the end!

25 fully edited pictures to make you feel beautiful and empowered for a lifetime to come!

pay in full $650

Pay Deposit of $325

and save your spot