this space is carefully cultivated and created especially for you.After years of experience photographing and facilitating an experience with the most intimate part of my clients, I have a whole system set up to not only set you up for whats to come, but set us up to create an amazing experience that you, and uniquely you, need and came here for. Some people come here for different reasons, and I make sure to find out yours and give you a personalized experience you are looking for. 

Hey there. Unlike a lot of body photographers, my process is a little different. It’s more catered, a more one on one experience, and not only do you receive all the feelings of self love and power and badassness during and after your session, but you also receive some of the highest quality art work to go with some high quality images.

These photos never belonged in a computer anyways… let’s be real. 

You damn well deserve this, the ocean is rising, crops are dying, this is getting a little morbid, but my point is, do the damn thing. 

The moment you inquire with me…

I say moment because sometimes you’ll hear back within 5 minutes, but currently Van Life for me is a thing, so wifi permitting, exploring permitting, and breaking down permitting; I’ll get back to you in a jiffy! I’m here to answer any questions and help you on the path to creating a badass session catered just for you. Let yourself come to light during your session, think outside the box even, I’m always down for creativity but at the end of the day, this is all for YOU.

We schedule our consultation VIRTUALLY! Thanks 2020, but being real, I feel like this is the best and easiest way to connect fast in order to get you scheduled and on the calendar. So ironically, thanks… 2020…

We chat, get to know one another, get real, talk about bodies, probably laugh because this is where I also shine at stand up imrov, and go over ideas for your session. We also will go over all the art work and albums I offer, I send you over some photos and videos post virtual consult so you can get a feel for what you are looking for. After we’re done we will schedule your session and I will collect the session fee.

Once you get home you will hop right on your email to find that I have sent you over the ultimate boudoir guide to help you prep for your boudoir session! I want to make sure that I am helping you at every step in this process even though I can’t physically be there with you everyday. I give you advice on what you should wear, where to shop, hot to prep mentally, what to do the day before you session and the morning of. The little but key things that help you show up prepared, glowing and ready to get your sexy on!

Your session

Before I start every session I let each individual know that these photos are going to be the best representation of them. If they’re not that overly sexy person normally, they don’t have to be during their session. If they’re quirky, athletic, reserved, or open, I let that shine through. If you do yoga, you bet we’re doing some yoga poses. I don’t shy away from the parts of you that you also might try and hide. This session is about being fully you and I’m here to show you that all of you is worth loving. This session isn’t at all about changing any part about you but rather letting your true self shine through in the most authentic and vulnerable way. During your session you are having the absolute time of your damn life.

9/10 Kendra K babes are already planning their next session before leaving the studio because of THE EXPERIENCE. Before seeing a single final image they want to come back because it’s the experience itself that is like nothing else. And, to toot my own horn, there is nothing like working with me. I get this, I understand this and I just know how to capture people at their truest form. I like to say this quite sarcastically but it’s very true, but when babes break out laughing during their session, smiling ear to ear saying, “why are you so good at this?!” I always love to say, “I do this for a living.” I know how to get you comfortable and loose in front of the camera and with how I work and how I photograph I leave you with little time to over think anything that’s happening. This leads you to just have fun the entire time which is what this is about. You and you being you in your skin.

After your whirl wind of a self-loving, badass, empowered babe session, you and I will meet up for your in person or virtually for your reveal where we will also order your prints/album as well. There can be champagne, there will be tissues and a whole lot of “DAMMMNN’S.” We will go over your images, narrow down the best and your personal FAVS and pick what will be what for your art work.

Once I receive the goods I will make sure they are looking sharp and sexy and we will plan to meet up so I can deliver them to you or ship them to your address!

And just like that, you got something worth holding onto for a lifetime. Your newfound self love and the album of course…