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Hello, this is me

After being a boudoir photographer for nearly three years all it took for me to have my own session was a two year project I did and put myself in. #theimpossibleboudoirproject We all need a little convincing sometimes, but I’m here to tell you to just go for it! You won’t have regrets, I know I didn’t.

Currently: I am transitioning back to stationary life! Recently I was traveling on the road for nearly two years in my full self-converted van. Was one of the best and hardest experiences in my life! But I will say, It nice to have a full kitchen and a shower again. Myself and the dog currently reside in Bellingham, WA.

I myself am someone who has never really been comfortable with their own body. Ever since middle school, I always thought I was fat. And you know what, I am fat. And what has changed over the years is not my “ability” to change the actions around that word, but to accept in my life that fat, IS NOT BAD. I am a women after all and my weight is instantly up and down, this is just how I am personally wired and I love every stage of ME. For many many years I would shame my body and always bring it down for not being the way I thought it had be. When I started photographing boudoir slowly but surely my own view of myself and my body started changing. I started to use different words to describe my stomach, and double chin and thighs. I would say, just more of me to love. Or, this body helps me climb mountains and my legs are strong and powerful and can take me anywhere I want to go. Little by little and day by day I started to praise more and punish less. I stopped judging myself for eating what I chose to eat all the time and rather sat and truly started to enjoy food. When I looked at myself in the mirror I chose to see love and strength and not weakness and hate, because my body is damn strong. Through photographing other people I realized that no one is perfect and no body is perfect but this body is my own and it’s the only one I got so I am going to love it while I can and my hope is to help you to see the same within you too.

I feel the most beautiful when I get to show others their beauty. I can’t believe this style of photography found me and I’m sure glad it did.

If I can make anyone see, feel and know their self-worth and show love and admiration towards their body, then I know I have done my job right. It’s about the photos but it’s much more than that. I want you to see yourself as someone who is perfect just as they are. No size, disability, age, skin condition, fear or doubt need to keep you from doing these photos. It’s time to love your body and love yourself now.

Check out my Podcast!

For nearly a year now this podcast has been brewing in my brain. After two of my close friends started their own podcast, @whats_up_sexy_ I realized that as much as I loved listening to them talk, I still felt that I couldn’t relate to a lot of what they were saying. When they were talking about being in relationships, dating, all those things, etc etc.

It made me think, there has to be other people out there who are similar to me, think similarly to me, and above all, still don’t have it all figured out when it comes to being partnered up and in love. People who are also perpetually single, don’t really know where they land in their sexuality quite yet, and are interested in learning and growing more through themselves. I wanted to also start this podcast to be a voice for the single people! If I know anything in life, it’s how to be on my own. Although being single can come with its own set of challenges, lots of them, there are also big rewards too and I want to share that joy with others and relate to others who tend to go at life a little more differently.