Boudoir Pricing Info

You honestly can’t put a price on the way you are going to feel during your session.

But since I have to, here it is…

This is to remind you that you are a beautiful, strong, badass who is deserving of treating yourself to this experience

that not only is going to result in great photos and art work that will remind you of your beauty daily, but you are gonna

walk away feeling on top of the world and as fierce as Beyonce in her Lemonade album. <— TRUTH

Every body and everybody deserves self-love. Sometimes we forget our power and beauty and

boudoir is the single best thing ti remind you of that, fully. You can buy a new outfit to feel good,

but this is a whole new level of feel good. 

Boudoir Session Fee $347 +tax


  • Outdoor or Studio location

    -Additional travel fee added for over 40 + miles travel

    -Studio available weekdays, located in International District

  • In person consultation

  • 90 minute session

  • 3 outfits + nudes

  • Hair and Makeup available for additional fee

  • In person reveal/ordering session

Average investment for babes is $1,300 for session fee + art work + digitals

Payment plans are available for up to 4 months if needed- I do have digital only options as well. Message me and tell me

your needs and what you are wanting. If the investment price above scares you, don’t worry! Thats just the

average investment, not the minimum needed in order to have this session, this experience, this self love. So just message

me and let’s get to talking. 

The Goods

(Average babe spends $1,300 on session + art work + digitals)

What pairs well with your high quality photos? High quality artwork.

I use printing businesses that solely work with photographers like me, who know all the in’s and out’s on resizing and creating beautiful layouts ready to print at the highest quality of form. I give you the best of the best art work because I believe you deserve the best. You can’t have the most amazing photos of you ever taken and then pair them with low quality prints. These pieces of art work are going to live on forever because they’re going to last a lifetime! These don’t belong in your computer, trust me. 

Hold on…

I have questions


Alright, I have no more questions Kendra.

Let’s friggin do this!