Let me talk to you about how much I love my clients. When I get a message saying “Hey, I’m looking for some pictures of myself, basically naked, wrapped in fabric in the woods.” I freak. It’s not everyday I get to do a crazy, cool, out there photoshoot, but boy when I do, I am in lovee. It’s amazing to be able to create something so pretty and story telling with your client. When you have someone who is fearless and willing to experiment and try something new and intimate, and out there, what you can create is truly magical.

When Kristen and I were heading up to Wallace Falls I had so many ideas in my head of how I wanted these pictures to turn out. I wanted the fabric to compliment the colors and texture in the forest and to have the forest compliment Kristen. What I found  going to through the photos afterwards was the beautiful composition between nature and Kristen. With her seamlessly perfect skin and the roughness of the trees and branches around, created this beautiful story of the human body in the wild. On this chilly morning hike I feel Kristen and I have collaboratively made something truly beautiful and a wonderful story for all women around. To love yourself, have confidence and to totally cut loose and be free and above all, LOVE YOUR BODY.

You should always want to do boudoir for yourself above anything. It’s such a great way to document you in this time in your life and to show all of the love and appreciation you have for yourself. My wish to all women out there, no matter your age, size or body type, is that you all have to confidence to do something as selfless and honest as this.