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“I left the shoot not only with an amazing reel of photos, but even more importantly with a huge grin of confidence and empowerment.”

Somehow, The moment I walked in, all the background noise and whispers in my mind telling me I couldn’t do this seemed to subside. Kendra was so warm and complimenting of my hair and makeup, my outfit choices and her excitement overtook my nervousness. 90s smooth hits were playing and she even popped a bottle of champagne for the occasion! She talked me through what to expect and listened to what I was hoping to get out of the shoot. The rest was history. Her directions were creative, but very natural. She was patient with my inexperience and encouraging of my quirks! She brought out the best in me and captured it all on film. It took only a few moments for me to feel comfortable not only in front of the camera but just in my own skin! She was very cognizant of my personal style and comfort level and adapted her approach to the type of photos I was looking for. The whole shoot felt much like a project or discussion and I felt so in control. Especially after coming with the expectation of complete anxiety and chaos.

Leaving the shoot, I had a completely new mindset. I had a new appreciation and respect for my body. My strong legs, my warm embrace, my goofy smile is what made the photos personal to me. I gave Kendra a huge hug! Her encouragement made all the difference. She made me feel beautiful and desired and above the constant negativity we are fed. I left the shoot not only with an amazing reel of photos, but even more importantly with a huge grin of confidence and empowerment.  I was proud of myself and how I look. I left feeling sexy and fun and just the way I’m supposed to look. Like me and no one else and that is not just fine, but absolutely incredible. Our bodies are beautiful and enable us to do all the things we love! From the nervous gal who walked in the studio, dreading peeling off my street clothes, I now felt completely unstoppable. It might seem extreme or cliche, but I absolutely could not stop grinning all night and felt so empowered I had to share this new found appreciation for my body! To Kendra, I thank you for reminding me how special I am and to care for the body that has given me so much! Your kind words, compliments, mimosas and music had me beaming with confidence and giggling with joy the entire shoot! I can’t think of a better boudoir experience.” 

A Boudoir Babe

She is not just a photographer, but she has become a part of our story.

Where can I begin with Kendra? Not only is she a phenomenal photographer, but she is a fantastic friend as well! We’ve known Kendra for many years which made it an easy choice to select her as our wedding photographer. Not only was she there for our proposal, but also for our engagement photos and wedding as well. She has captured it all. She is not just a photographer, but she has become a part of our story. She makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t make you something you’re not. She is beyond real, and she shows how real all of your emotions are on your special day! Kendra is our life photographer and we would recommend her to anyone!


A picture says a thousand words and to stand out as an entrepreneur you must have photos that express your personality.

There are tons of photographers out there, but Kendra is the only photographer who will make sure your unique personality shows up in your pictures. I get more edited photos than I ever would from another photographer and instantly fall in love with them.


Five out of five stars!

We hired The Loud Camera to do our wedding photography. I told Kendra that I wanted candid photos that captured the essence of our day and she nailed it. Of the 300 pictures she took, my favorite ones are the ones where we didn’t know we were in front of the camera. She charged us a fair price and was very flexible and willing to work with me as far as scheduling. She was mindful and considerate of my requests and her energy makes her a pleasure to work with. She is for sure my new go-to photographer, and we’ve already hired her to do our gender reveal photos in a few months!


“Could she possibly do that for me?” And the answer was a huge “Yes!”

When I decided to get new photos for my business, knew I didn’t want was the usual “smiley marketer” stuff. I was looking for something different … Something that had atmosphere. Maybe even some drama. A touch of edginess (without being threatening). And some cool backgrounds that felt fresh, cutting edge, NOW. As opposed to posed and stale. Kendra GOT IT.

When I saw the amazing photos she shot for a colleague I thought, “Could she possibly do that for me?” And the answer was a huge “Yes!” If you’re looking for a photographer who can capture the essence of who you are, and tell a story of what you represent, what you can do for your clients … and position you as one-of-a-kind … call Kendra.It was well worth the flight to Seattle to have her handle everything!”


Kendra let me do what felt natural but also knew when to give me direction.

I remember the first time I saw Kendra’s work on Facebook. It was a few years ago and I was blown away by the composition of it. The photo was so soft and elegant but had a certain darkness and edge to it. (If you have seen her work, you know what I’m talking about) I knew that I wanted her to take photos for me but wasn’t sure when and what for. When she ran a holiday special I jumped all up on the opportunity. It happened to be around my boyfriends birthday so I decided that we should do a boudoir session. I’ll tell you what… I felt so beautiful and confident in front of that camera. Kendra let me do what felt natural but also knew when to give me direction. My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling by the end of our shoot. The pictures are more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Kendra for putting your heart into your work.


Through her camera lens, Kendra has the uncanny ability to turn ordinary objects, situations, and people into something approaching the divine. She quite literally sees the world differently and it comes through so clearly and beautifully in her photographs.

Kendra spent a weekend in our home as my husband John neared the end of his long battle with metastatic Melanoma. He was on hospice and his death was only a few weeks away. She asked how we would feel about her taking photos during the weekend. I didn’t even have to think about my answer. I had seen her work before, had her take professional photos for me, and knew she would capture this incredibly poignant and special time for our family with dignity, grace, and love.

I was not disappointed. I didn’t see the final shots until after John passed away and I was struck by how well they conveyed all of the feelings of that weekend. The connection and community we all brought around John, the private happy and sad moments we each shared with him, and most of all, his absolute essence of joy and optimism, even as he faced the end of his life. I never saw him look frightened or sad as we went through the two weeks he was on hospice and he never told us, until the very end, if he felt that way.

But when I looked through Kendra’s pictures, I was struck by how much of that fear and sadness I saw in his eyes, in so many shots she took. She’d been able to capture something none of us had seen first-hand (because he hadn’t wanted us to). Her camera, out of sight and mind for the most part, captured what he was actually thinking and feeling without any of us knowing it until we looked at the photos.

It was heartbreaking and beautiful all at once. Kendra is not a typical photographer. She is wise beyond her years, creative, and sees things through her lens that others miss. I am so very grateful that she offered to capture this incredibly joyful and painful time with us. I will treasure the photos she took forever.



I think we will appreciate these pictures forever.

Adam and I have been together for almost 6 years. We have gone on many adventures together and have had some pretty incredible experiences. I always assumed with 6 years of photos of us together, we would never need engagement photos. They’ll go on a website and a save the date and we’ll end up only hanging our wedding photos in our home one day. After doing our session with Kendra (thanks to a mutual friend convincing me), I feel very differently! The pictures are very us and natural. It is things we would do on a normal Saturday that she somehow made look glamorous. I think we will appreciate these pictures forever. Our everyday lives will not be me in a white dress with my hair done, but us loving each other, kinda messy at times but perfect in our own way. I really appreciate Kendra taking most of a day to capture us together.

Megan Hendrickson

She drives the energy when she’s shooting to a place you didn’t even know you could get to.

Being a fellow photography and working in the film industry I’ve become very picky about pictures of myself. When Kendra takes my picture it’s like handing over my own steering wheel. She drives the energy when she’s shooting to a place you didn’t even know you could get to. I never worry if I look good or bad or if my hair is out of place. She relaxes you and makes you almost forget you’re having your picture taken, it’s like you’re hanging out with an old friend. I’ve had 4 photoshoots with her now and look forward to many more to come!

Breanne Sponaugle