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Everything you need to know is right here. I know it’s a lot to read, but I can guarantee you 90% of your questions will be answered below. If they’re not, hit me up! I got them answers!



I live in Bellingham (north WA, basically in Canada) but am a close drive down to the city for photos! However- I do travel too! I used to live full time in a van for almost two years until that van crapped out on me and said, go back home! I have a new vehcile that allows me to roadtrip to you, but I am also an avid flyer as well. If you’re getting married in Ireland, you bet your butt I’d fly there in a heartbeat!

@kendrakphoto on IG and Tiktok

How do we know you’ll take awesome photos?

We’re just gonna close our eyes and hope for the best. Just kidding. If you feel connected to my work, then I know we’ll be a great match. I tend to overshoot, always send way more pictures than necessary and man if we gel, we’re all gonna have a good time, and that just makes for even more cool, badass, good feeling pics.

Do you Travel?

You bet your bottom dollar! If you are looking for international travel, I am for sure your girl! I absolutely love to travel and would be honored to fly to you for your session/wedding. So just talk to me! I’m sure we can figure something out together.

How do we book?

Once we have confirmed I am available on your day and you want me to be your photographer, I will send you over the proposal that has the contract and invoice attached together through an online booking system called, Honeybook. You will then pay a deposit! For weddings, $1,500 deposit and a branding session, around $350 deposit, depending on your package.

Do we meet in person?

We certainly can if my schedule and worldwide pandemics allow it! Summers can be a little hectic so my prefered method of communication is email, text or phone calls. Having an engagement session through me is A. A great way to get a little sneak of what’s to come and B. A perfect time to grab a drink afterwards and talk about big day deets! For branding sessions, for sure or virtually absolutely!

Do we get like, ALL the photos?

Yes, but no. I take so many damn photos, and a lot of good ones at that, that you won’t really be needing any duplicate ones, blurry faces and blinking eyes. You will receive anywhere from 500-1200 photos, just depending on how long your day was and how crazy I was photographing it. I do not give out any RAW files. A big part of why you are hiring me is because of my talent and that creativity spills over into the editing process as much as it does into the actual photographing.

How do we know if we need a second photographer at our wedding?

Great question. If you are getting married in the mountains or a small little courthouse with anywhere from 2-50 people, I can cover all that easy peasy. People like to say that there are 4 of me on their wedding day, I will capture everything and more. If you plan to have a larger wedding of over 150 guests, I would highly recommend a second photographer. Not only will you get another perspective of the day, but it helps me out a lot when it comes to the timeline of your day. I can be photographing you getting ready while my second will photographs your partner. You want to get both of your expressions when you two see each other for the first time? Get a second photographer.

How do you deliver the photos?

I will send you an online gallery and downloadable link via Pixieset of your high resolution images anywhere between 30-90 days after your wedding.

Can we print and share these on social media?

Of course! They are your pictures after all! With my print release form it will allow you to print your photos anywhere you would like. Blast that shit all over Facebook! I only ask that you credit my business @kendrakphoto or Word of mouth is one of the most common ways I get new clients. So when you shout me out, it helps me out.

What forms of payment to you accept?

Preferred Venmo, but also, Check, online debit or credit card, bank transfer.

What if you’re out of our budget but we really want you to be our photographer?

Please don’t be afraid and just talk to me. I know money is the root of all evil, but a necessary evil. There is definitely some wiggle room on your wedding package to fit whatever you guys need. No two weddings are the same and I want to do my absolute best to accommodate what the two of you need, what I need and what we can all agree on. If you want to work with me, it’s highly likely I want to work with you, so let’s talk!

Can I print photos and an album through you?

YES. I highly recommend you print through me to avoid any shotty paper quality and weird yellow tints that don’t belong on your wedding prints! So talk to me for a custom price on your printing needs!

Can we see a full wedding gallery start to finish?

YES. Once that contract and deposit are confirmed I will send you over my latest or your chosen wedding from my website to view!