All New Single & Probably A Sexual Podcast

This is my beautiful cousin Amber and her brand spankin new husband Jonathan. They were recently married this past August and I got to see the two of them this month in New Mexico with my parents and brother for Balloon Fiesta. So, but of freaking course, I have to take some photos of them. I mean as a wedding gift, plus the fact that my cousin is stunning in every way inside and out and I’ve always wanted to photograph her.  I do not think I could of hand picked a better man for my perfect Amber. When I see the two of them together I see endless, selfless love, and I mean the good kind of love. The love that once you find, and you found it when most go their lives never experiencing it, you cannot live without it. Every laugh, gaze and smile they share melts my damn heart. I have never in my life seen my cousin so beautiful and so happy, and she is so deserving of such. Even though she’s always been beautiful I mean look at her, have I mentioned that my cousin is gorgeous? Ever since she was of age to work, this woman has been working 2-3 jobs minimum. She is a badass woman boss hustler and works for what she wants. She is so incredibly driven in everything she sets her mind to, she is incredible. I am just so happy that she found you, Jonathan. I am so incredibly happy to call you my cuzzo now. You’re an amazing selfless man that just loves to no end and makes you laugh all along the way. The moment you entered our home there was no hesitation for you to call my parents Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike, and I love that about you. You’re one ideal guy that deserves to call my cousin your own. God is the absolute most important thing to Amber in her life, and for her to find someone who values God more than anything in his life as well is such a beautiful thing. I am not the most religious person I will admit, but the way you two speak of a higher power and show love through Him to each other is truly an amazing thing that I am so thankful to witness in my life. Some people say they are religious and don’t truly show it in their day to day lives. But like Amber and Jonathan, the people who do live through God in every way, somehow find their way to one another, and it is fate, and it is meant to be, and it is love, and it is God. I love you both so much. I am so honored to call you two family.

Cavalier (The 1975 Remix) // James Vincent McMorrow

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