Okay, fair warning here, there are over 400 pictures in this blog post. I just wanted to let you know that. I will tell you why there are over 400 pictures in this post..

This is Alex and Chelsey. I have known these two since high school, as well as some of the other bridal party and guests at the wedding. Many I have known for years. Some a decade. Fun fact I was also a bridesmaid in this wedding too! Well because she is my girl, one incredible, bold, brave, beautiful human specimen that I love to the stars and back.  I know all you photographers out there are probably like.. “umm huh? you were a bridesmaid AND the wedding photographer?? Impossible.” Well BOOM. The impossible made possible! I am not going to lie to you though, I almost passed out at one point. True story. (thank you Marla for rehydrating me). It definitely wasn’t easy but oh boy, I wouldn’t of traded it for anything in the  world. I basically got to celebrate two of my favorite people hitched for life, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with a bunch of people I have known and loved for years, drinking and eating and celebrating all while taking pictures of the whole thing. Soo…….. Yeah. It was without doubt one of the best things I have done in my little life so far. So there are over 400 pictures in this blog post because, the pictures are damn gorgeous hunny, and when I look at these, I just cant say no to not posting some of this big bunch of crazy, party, wedding fools that I got to spend this incredible week with in Mexico celebrating this one amazing couple.

So, you were warned, fair and square. Feel free to comment, share and pin away.

Enjoy.. Chelsey and Alex getting married in Cabo San Lucas

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