All New Single & Probably A Sexual Podcast

It’s just great when I get to photograph weddings. But when I get to photograph one of my girlfriend’s special days, it’s truly a treat for me. They’re emotional, and sappy and full of love anyways, but it’s like that X 10 when it’s someone you’re so close with. But I guess at the end of the day, it’s love and how much in love the two people across from you are in, and it’s just easy to photograph.

This whole wedding just got all my feels though. To her sister balling her eyes out after seeing Brittany in her dress, her dad getting teary eyed after seeing her in her mothers veil, her uncle and aunt flying in from out of state to surprise her, just everything- there were adorable, emotional happenings around every corner. As odd as it’s sounds, Brittany and I have been a close friends for years and her wedding day was the first day I met her husband, Matt. Between living in Edmonds and Bremerton and work schedules and cancelations, we had never made it around to meeting each other before the wedding. Which, normally I like to do just with regular clients. So as you can imagine, I was a bit nervous to meet him. I just wanted him to basically be good enough for my girl. And, oh boy is he. Never had I seem a groom this in love with his bride ever. He was such a lush and had the most gigantic grin on his face the whole evening. Kept telling Brittany how beautiful she was and making her laugh the whole time. He is just perfect and perfect for her. Sigh.

It’s so lovely to see two people so in love. It solidifies for me why I am there in the first place, which is to capture that love. Capture those looks, those smiles, the laughs, and the joy they receive just by being in one another’s presence. It brings me nothing but happiness to be able to record this special day for my friend, Brittany. I am so happy that this girl found the man of her dreams, and her life partner.

After having met Matt, the rest of the evening was just so easy and fun. When you have a groom who’s into the whole picture taking process just as much as the bride is, it’s makes everything better. These two had the cutest little wedding in Coupeville, Wa. I am always so honored and excited to be able to capture these special days for my friends. Makes my job a whole lot more fun 🙂

I Need A Forest Fire (ft. Bon Iver) // James Blake