2020 you sure have been a wild ride and although I abide by everything going on and hope we all are taking the necessary precautions to ensure health across the globe but….I am dang upset that I won’t get to photograph some of my couples this year, especially these two ladies! Emi and Kelsey have been on my books for what seems like almost two years now. Now we have to wait just one more but thats okay. Good days with good people are worth waiting for 🙂

I have been getting email after email of my couples having to push back their weddings, most to 2021. I can’t even image what it’s been like for all my couples. It’s so hard to have to make the decision to push your wedding back or change your wedding up dramatically. You wait so many months, some even years as you plan the biggest day of your life and something like this happens and just throws a huge wrench in. It must suck!

I hope that all the couples out there struggling with changing up their wedding are doing okay and adapting to the new. It’s hard to have to postpone your marriage to the person you love or have a wedding much smaller than you imagined.

So here’s to all the elopement’s and 2021 weddings! Let’s make the best out of it!