All New Single & Probably A Sexual Podcast

I had the incredible honor to photograph my two very good friends, since middle and high school get engaged! Kyle vaguely texted me about what was going down and said something along the lines of “Let’s just say, its a surprise for Inga, and no one knows.” We hashed out the plans and my fellow photographer Garrett Allen came along with me to also photograph the proposal.  We got there early, slowly started to watch the sun set over the beautiful olympics on Pier 62 and glanced at the bright orange mirroring from the Seattle skyline. Talk about an amazing sight. They walked onto the pier at the most magical and beautiful time of the sunset. I quickly ran across the pier taking pictures while Garrett was closely by them. Kyle got down on one knee and the tears started flowing. Almost being together for nearly 8 years and they FINALLY got engaged. It was without doubt one of my favorite things I have shot to date. The scenery was breath taking, it felt like a story, the pictures are beautiful and so are they.

A big thank you to Kyle for asking me to be apart of that incredibly special and amazing moment, and to Garrett for taking some beautiful pictures, make sure to check out his website!

Hoizer – Like Real People Do // Live

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Behind the scenes

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