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Now, I’m honestly not sure where to begin this wedding post with. I could start with that I’ve known these two ever since they started dating in 10th grade. I could start it with their beautiful love story that united them as one, forever in a picture perfect Leavenworth, WA. I could start it with how hard, but also incredibly rewarding it was for me to shoot this wedding. Or, I could start with how heavily involved her father was in this wedding, even though he couldn’t be there. Or I could start it with how Inga’s father, Rick Neuman, passed away three weeks after their wedding.

But, how I will start this is.. If I have one regret, or wish, or change that I could of made it would of been to go back in time, edit those photos as soon as I could of and he would of been able to see his little girl on her wedding day. That is my regret. I truly wished he could of seen his daughter and son in law on their wedding day. I know it would of meant the world to him, and for that, Rick Neuman, I am sorry. I am also happy to know you are now safe and free of pain. #fuckcancer

Inga was Rick’s little princess and he was her absolute hero.

I have known Inga and Kyle, for like I said, around a decade. It was always just a matter of days in my mind as to when they would get married. I was there to shoot their proposal, engagement and now wedding. To me, to have a friend invest and put so much trust and faith in me to be able to do this for them is one of the biggest compliments I can ever receive. It shows their belief in me as a business and their love for me as a friend. Now thats a whole bunch of happy for me right there. I can go on about all of the countless memories I have had with these two and the majority of the wedding party as well. They made high school bearable and fun and I love them for that. These two have a special little place in my heart and I am just so happy for their matrimony.

The wedding was one for the books. Probably the best wedding I have actually ever been to, let alone photographed. All the guests were nestled in the quiet and breathtaking Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort. Each room bearing resemblance to a small, quaint little log cabin. With their ceremony being held on a small little cliff overlooking a winding river lined with beautiful evergreen trees. Her two brothers walking Inga down the aisle, with her strong and beautiful mother looking on with a smile from ear to ear. Kyle tearing up when he saw Inga for the first time, and while dancing with his mother during the reception. Inga’s Maid of Honor embroidering one of her fathers shirts for her to wear while she got ready. Inga’s father recording a video for her expressing his love and also his sorrow for being unable to be at her wedding. One. For. The. Books. Just a very beautiful, perfect, yet incredibly emotional day.

With the bridesmaids dolled up looking like beautiful woodland fairy princess’s. The groomsmen’s looking more dapper than I have ever seen them look. With the whole day going off without a single hitch, with many tears, but also many many laughs. It was perfect. It was so perfect that I think for several split seconds it didn’t even cross their minds what was going on at home. This day was so perfect that it completely escaped reality.

Love does that. Love beats cancer. Love escapes all reality. Love wins.

These pictures tell the story with this wedding. I do not, enjoy. These photos are dedicated to my amazing clients and wonder friends. But I would also like to dedicate them to Rick Neuman, a loving husband, father and hero.

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