When I got the message from Madison saying, “there’s no one else we would want to do our engagement and wedding photos!” I already knew this was going to be a special wedding to photograph. But little did I know leading up to this wedding how special it was actually going to be.

Madison and Justin got ready in her fathers home the morning of 8-5-2017  in the town she and Justin both grew up in. Where they attended the same high school at different times. Probably did the same silly things us, including myself, Mukilteo kids used to do. Like hang out at Henrys Donuts until 4am, or the QFC parking lot, or the light garden overlooking Boeing.

Their lives both leading up to this one day, when they had been right under each others noses all along.

The day, like most wedding days, was perfect and went off without a hitch. The bridal party was hilarious and full of energy. The parents so accommodating and loving, like good parents are. All the guest and children dressed up looking lovely as ever. Everyone there to celebrate the beautiful couple and have a good time! It was a big fun party, like a wedding should be!

The ceremony began at our little Mukilteo landmark the Mukilteo lighthouse. Close friends and family gathered around an emotional bride and groom. One of the few ceremonies where tears were constantly streaming. Even streaming down the tough face of Justin’s son, sorry Kaden 😉 The ceremony followed at everyones favorite bar Diamond Knot and the reception held later at her fathers beautiful home up the road. Overall, just a great day and a truly great wedding.

So why was it special for me? Well, first things first. The pictures are amazing. I am so so proud of the work I created for this couple of their wedding day. This will infamously go down in my little wedding career history book as one of the proudest I have been about a wedding. On this day little ol’ Kendra had tendinitis in both feet. By the end of the ceremony, about half way through the day they were throbbing. Took some good meds and went on my way though. Nothing was going to stop me from shooting this wedding. Nothing. Exactly 9 days before their beautiful wedding, I lost my beautiful best friend, Meagan Ann Mullanix, 5 time cancer survivor.

Going into this wedding was one of the most nervous I have ever felt. My feet were crying and my heart was crying. I was a wreck on the inside and terrified about how I was going to do that day. I had no idea at the time how important that day was going to be for me though. The wedding of this beautiful couple, it was my mom and dad’s 28th wedding anniversary that day, and it was the day that I realized that I was unbreakable. With excruciating pain in my feet and pain still residing fiercely in my heart, I somehow managed to shoot one of my favorite wedding ever that day. I %100 percent believe my buddy Meg was there with me every step of the way that day.

I was only filled with love that day. Love, wins.

P R E S S     P L A Y     B E L O W

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