I had the great pleasure to get to know this couple and spend quite the eventful day with them! We walked through the beautiful Redwoods and toured a winery on top of a hill. Talk about mixing business with pleasure to the max. “I will one hundred percent take your photos in the forest and then top it off at a winery for a few drinks and more pictures.” said the enthusiastic photographer.

When I met Megan and Adam there was this insane stillness about them. And when I say stillness I mean that no matter what was happening around them they were always just there, together, completely and insanely in love and totally connected with one other. As crazy as it sounds, it’s almost as if they were actual real life soul mates.

I’ve seen a number of people within this job, and never have I ever doubted any of them to be in love. That’s almost always a fact, and even if it is hard to see at times, I can still pull it out and show it through my lens. With some, the love is shown through easily, others it is hard. But almost always, if the two of you are just there, being together, ignoring the fact that I am circling constantly around you snapping photos, the love always shows through.

But as sad and heartbreaking as it is to say, there are only a few out there that I have stumbled upon to be actual real soul mates. It’s a difficult feeling to describe being the photographer and photographing these types of couples. There’s almost this certain air in the world that feels calmer and more at ease when I am photographing them. I feel as though my direction needs to be almost limitless because how they are together is just perfect.  They don’t need me to tell them how to look in love. They just do it. And they do this, because it’s not me telling them to, or their minds saying “okay let’s look happy.” They just look at each other and are instantly glowing. Happiness fills up in their eyes within a second and there is no denying that love there. Nothing says eternal love like that look, and true soul mates posses that look. You know this because that look, will never, ever go away.

You belong to me and only me, forever.