All New Single & Probably A Sexual Podcast

Here I am yet again with my fingers hovering over the keyboard, thinking of what to write about another couples love story. About love in general really.

Love is such a giant concept. I use to only think that love was attainable in one singular form. You only knew love if you shared that love with another person. A significant other, family and friends. But oh how I learned otherwise. Love is all around me, it’s all around us. It’s shown through our passions. Our sentiments towards others. The kind words we speak to strangers. Our contributions to society and well being. Its all around us and moves through us. It does not just mean being in love with someone, it’s being able to love everything around you.

For me, it means being able to give all the love I have to the people I am photographing in front of me. It’s the love that I have that is able to capture the immense love that they have. Love for one another and everything and everyone around them.

If photography has taught me one important thing, it is love. The greatest gift it has given me is the fact that I get to witness love in every person I photograph. Any engagement sessions, weddings, boudoir, entrepreneurs and families. They are beings of love that I am honored to be able to photograph and show them all of their love.

Love is love is love is love. I cannot wait to be able to capture Gabby and Alex have on their wedding day. If they already weren’t ridiculously cute now, then I can’t even imagine what their wedding day is going to be like.

P R E S S    P L A Y    B E L O W

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