I am so excited you are here with me to view my travels throughout Vietnam! I share these for a lot of reasons. I love being brought back to my time there, reminded that good humans on this planet do exist and quite frankly, I am obsessed with the photos. But above all I post these in hopes that it may spark a cord with someone and inspire’s them to travel too! In my short 24 years of living, I do not think I have ever been so educated in a sense then before I ever traveled. With traveling, I learned how lucky and fortunate I am in my life, whether I currently think it or not.  I learned that there is so much in life I take granted for and should be more appreciative that I have easy access to stuff like, clean water, a house with walls and doors, the accessibility to purchase food and necessities. I do not believe that I could of ever learned these types of life values through any sort of schooling or online program. If you want to gain a perspective on life and how you should be living it, travel. Travel everywhere. Travel to places even in your home state. Go outside and hike up a beautiful mountain that literally and metaphorically takes your breath away. Visit a new town or city near you. Go kayaking on a lake or river that you have not seen yet. Hell, even do some crazy shit like jump out of an airplane, explore the depths of the ocean, horseback ride on the coast. Just go out and explore. I cannot recommend it enough and it’s crazy surprising how much you learn about yourself and what matters to you in life.

Go out. Take the leap. Go somewhere new for vacation, go somewhere new for the weekend or even for the day. Find yourself and find your meaning in life. Get lost. Wander. Explore. Live.

Part 2 continues in Hanoi!

P R E S S    P L A Y    B E L O W

Mono No Aware // Hammock

Day 6: One of my favorite days in Vietnam was this one. It was just Ashley and I out exploring, we did all the touristy things, visited temples, saw turtles and fish being sold on the sidewalk. Enjoyed a lovely lunch with beers, greens, and noodles with a breathtaking view of Hanoi.

Day 7: We took a flight to my now favorite place on earth, Hoi An. Some would call it the lantern town. This part of the trip was a little rocky since we had a few members of our travel crew out sick. So this day was spent relaxing and roaming around the picturesque streets of Hoi An. Gail and I walked for miles and miles exploring this incredibly tiny town that just had so much to offer. I spent the majority of this walk ‘blind shooting’. I would carry my camera either at my waist or down by my hip and just blindly click. I wanted to find a way that wasn’t too invasive, but still be able to capture the expressions of others around! Hoi An definitely has a special little place in my heart. This quaint town was just so spectacular on so many levels. It is for sure on my list of places to travel to again.

 Day 8: We went to the beach! It was a lot like other beaches I have been to in Mexico and the US, but it was still a great way to just relax and unwind! That next morning I spent the day solo riding around on a bicycle exploring the captivating rice fields in Hoi An! A place I visited again with the rest of the crew after they were feeling better!

Day 9: Our last day in Hoi An. We were able to meet up with our friend whom we met in Halong Bay, Adam! That morning we roamed around the rice fields , shopped through the town, ate amazing food. It was a great way to end our last day in my new favorite place ever!

End part 2! Here are some more Iphone shots through this portion of the trip!